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Name:Dana Winchester
Birthdate:Jan 24

dana winchester
Daughter of John and Mary Winchester, big sister to Sam Winchester. After the death of their mother, Dana effectively took care of Sam while their father learned to be a hunter. She took on the role of care taker, protector, and comforter. And then started her own training to be a hunter to be a better protector for Sammy.

Dana likes to think she's a bad ass, though she's mostly just a smart ass, and could probably kick your ass. She likes to drink, eat some good food, and occasionally have some sex with a willing and good looking man. Her Impala is her Baby and her gun is her friend. So what if she's got issues, doesn't most everybody anyways?

[Note: Dana will be played either pre season one or sometime during season one, to make it easier on the whole, her being a chick thing and for plotty stuff.]
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{{Dana is a rule 63 version of Dean Winchester, who I do not own, Eric Kripke does. Images are the lovely Minka Kelly. Mun and Muse are over the age of 18. This journal is for entertainment purposes only.}}
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